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High in the rarefied air of the Himalayas stands the great Lamasery of Potala. Here, as a young boy, Lobsang Rampa came to study the teachings of the Lord.
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An agreement reached by people who are jealous, territorial or angry, he often says, will last only until the next fit of temper. The Dalai Lama also opposes a boycott of the Olympics and recently reminded Tibetans to forswear violence. Last Wednesday, he even announced that if, by chance, he were invited to the Olympics, he'd be "happy" to attend. And two weeks ago, he led a Buddhist prayer service for the victims of China's massive earthquake.

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I've been following the Dalai Lama and his ever more unsettled people in their exile home in Dharmsala, India, for 33 years now, from the foggy summer day when I met him as a teenager to the day after his Nobel Peace Prize was announced in to our most recent visit in Japan last year. Nearly all his positions come as unexpected to those of us conditioned to politics-as-usual. When his people understandably cry out in frustration and even rage toward Beijing, the Dalai Lama reminds them that no one can be forced to be reasonable. China, he knows, has a prickly and fearful tradition of responding to the slightest resistance with violence.

Gestures of defiance may attract headlines or play well in Hollywood for a few days, but in the long run, opposing a nation times more populous than your own is tantamount to suicide. At heart, his position is both pragmatic and moral: China and Tibet are neighbors, and their destinies are intertwined.

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He has taught his followers that throwing stones at a neighbor's window -- or even leading protesters to his front door -- can harm the entire neighborhood for years to come. Such clear-eyed realism, and such practical applications of monastic principles, are not always what the world wants from the Dalai Lama. When the head of Tibetan Buddhism offers philosophical teachings outside his home in Dharmsala, thousands of foreigners join the monks and ordinary Tibetans day after day in freezing weather amid a crush of bodies.

The Saffron Robe

But as soon as he turns his attention to Tibet's political situation, as he does every year on March 10 -- the anniversary of the uprising during which he fled China -- his audience thins out as his followers from New York, Dusseldorf and Sydney disappear. We don't need another leader in the real world; we want someone who can show us a better one. It's easy to forget that the Dalai Lama, brought to spiritual power as a 4-year-old boy, has been leading his people longer than any other figure on the world stage -- 68 years and counting. He was dealing with Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai 58 years ago, and in , against his people's wishes, he left for a year-long tour through China that included a visit to Beijing.

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Many Buddhists may instinctively reject the extremes of these movements while embracing their commitment to reviving Buddhist culture. Conservative and liberal Buddhist leaders alike concede signs of moral decay. But it is on whether that constitutes an early end of days and the beginning of a new Buddhist cycle that their two paths diverge. Some stupid people come from time to time, but Buddha dharma will not be damaged. His anxiety is not unfounded. The senior monk spends his days in hiding and his arrival at a famed tourist hotel, after a gruelling five-hour rickshaw trip from his mountain temple, has provoked unrest among Buddhist staff.

Virulent Bhikkhus in Buram and Sri Lanka.

Vijitha Thero is famous in Sri Lanka as the outspoken BBS critic who was found dumped naked on a roadside outside Colombo last year, hands tied behind his back and bleeding heavily from the groin. The last thing he remembers is eating a quick meal in a restaurant in Colombo. Two days after his attack, Gnanasara led a march that led to the riots near Colombo. Vijitha believes that Gnanasara — who weeks earlier had threatened to cut off his arm for betraying Buddhists — had a part in his assault.

Gnanasara denies it. For Vijitha, groups such as BBS are as much a reflection as they are a reaction to what he sees as a moral decline within the Buddhist clergy; driving, drinking, fornicating, hoarding wealth. He ticks off the sins with obvious distaste. Reader comments on this site are moderated before publication to promote lively and civil debate.

We encourage your comments but submitting one does not guarantee publication. We publish hundreds of comments daily, and if a comment is rejected it is likely because it does not meet with our comment guidelines, which you can read here. No correspondence will be entered into if a comment is declined. What Buddhists worship in a monk is not the person but the saffron robe which signifies Gautama Buddha. Because people respect the saffron robe and because they will not harm anyone in such garb some monks take an upper hand and thinks that they are supreme. That is their mentality and there are laymen and women who are ready to promote their high handedness in the name of religion at the drop of a hat.

Buddha never said anything to the effect that Buddhists should protect Buddhism but said those who live by the dhamma will be protected by dhamma.

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Buddha said respect others beliefs — right or wrong in your eyes meaning respect other religions. If buddhists live by dhamma , dhamma will take care of itself. It is the buddhist monks who were instrumental in promoting the spread of Christianity and Islam in the country and no one else and now they are chasing the horse after it has bolted.. Well, Thuppahi ought to have known. I am a Thuppahi too, written into my name. Buddhism is not a religion.

Saffron Robe

A religion has members that are bound to the church or mosque or whatever. They are not the Nirvana seekers. That is the task of the monks that live away from the village ideally in the jungle. The British wanted census for rule. So those who were outside the church were named Buddhists and that is the beginning. When the Christian missionary came, he stayed in the temple.

The Muslims serve the temple, I think even today in Kandy. Money is the single necessity today. See all 3 pre-owned listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Sold by thrift. Lobsang Rampa. Be the first to write a review About this product. Show More Show Less.

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