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Rabbits are gregarious animals: they live in the wild in groups. The situation has got so bad that some animal sanctuaries will not let their rabbits be re-homed as pets for children.

Stories Rabbits Tell: A Natural and Cultural History of a Misunderstood Creature

Three-quarters of the rabbits seen by British vets are in poor health, suffering from obesity and rotting or overgrown teeth. But rabbits need hay, grass, fresh greens, and a lack of that is directly related to their dental problems. TV vet Matt Brash, who is supporting rabbit awareness week, said bored and unhappy rabbits self-harmed and became aggressive and depressed. We want to get owners thinking about how rabbits behave in the wild to understand what they need as pets to keep them healthy and happy.

Mild winters and a drop in popularity of rabbit meat have helped the wild rabbit population reach 40 million. Rabbits can purr, almost like cats, and can climb trees and be toilet-trained. Between 1. At Mad Paws, our rabbit sitters will give your furry friend all the attention they need whilst keeping both your and their preferences in mind to help keep their ears perked up — waiting for your return.

Find the best Rabbit Sitters in your area

When you choose Mad Paws, you are choosing a loving, cozy and stress-free environment for your pet as well. While you are enjoying a few days away, your furry friend is enjoying a week in their own friendly oasis, complete with one of our Mad Paws friends giving all their attention to your little furry friend. Give both of you a vacation — guilt free. Love the idea?

Pet rabbits are cruelly neglected and mistreated in Britain, survey finds

All rabbit sitting booked through Mad Paws is covered by liability insurance. If your Pet Sitter is no longer available, Mad Paws makes sure your pet is cared for by another. Mad Paws is your 1 go-to pet sitting community online in Australia, where pet owners can find trusted verified and insured pet sitters near their homes.

With more than 8, trusted sitters, you can book in any pet-related services such as pet sitting, dog walking, day care or house visiting. Whether you are going for a few hours or for an extended holiday, Mad Paws wants you to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is not only safe, but also having fun! Mad Paws also wants to give you the best customer experience — so if we can ever help, please contact us by email — service madpaws.

What other services does Mad Paws offer? Unlike traditional pet minding services such as kennels and veterinary clinics, we offer a wide and unique range of services that aim to engage and make your pet feel as loved and as happy as they do at home. The services that are available through Mad Paws are:. Service rates will vary in price depending on the age and size of the pet, the number of dogs, and the length of the stay.

What does the Mad Paws Insurance cover?

Funniest Rabbit Videos Weekly Compilation 2018 - Funny Pet Videos

At Mad Paws, the safety of our pet owners, pet sitters and pets is of the utmost importance. There is a documented account of a humpback sweeping a seal on its back out of the water, away from the killer whales. These things seem extraordinary and new to us because we have only recently documented these incidents. But they have probably been doing these kinds of things for millions of years.

Both elephants and killer whales are suffering dramatic losses in their population. Connect these two creatures for us and what challenges they face in the modern world? I tried to take a break from writing about conservation to write about what animals do in their natural lives. I focused on three of the most protected populations of animals in the world—elephants in national parks in Kenya, wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and killer whales in the Pacific Northwest; in all three cases I found that these protected animals are still being killed by people.

Elephants have been undergoing a tremendous slaughter since , when the powers that be decided China could import ivory from dead elephants.

The Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic

As a result, elephant populations are being devastated by poachers throughout Africa and Asia. In the case of the wolves in Yellowstone National Park , the U. When wolf packs lose their alpha male or female, they often break up. Killer whales are full of toxic chemicals that they get from their food and the polluted waters where they swim around Washington State and West Coast of the United States.

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  • One pod that desperately needed a young, healthy female had their only young female killed by massive hemorrhaging in her ear canals. A Navy bomb explosion was recorded on the listening devices of the whale researchers the day she died. Do you have animals in your everyday life? If so, tell us how they confirm or disprove your theories.

    I was never much of a dog person because I was interested in free-living, wild animals, but I have two dogs now and I cannot believe how much I love these dogs and how much they are part of our family. They know exactly who we are. They know who strangers are. They are often very, very happy. The only thing they cannot do is speak to us in full sentences, but they communicate all the time.

    The popular pet

    They know what they would like to do and they can plan a little bit. Our senses have dulled over thousands of years of civilization and settled living. Simon Worrall curates Book Talk. Follow him on Twitter. Read Caption. Yes, Animals Think And Feel. Here's How We Know The author of a new book also says that animals can feel empathy, like the humpback whale that rescued a seal. By Simon Worrall. So why are many scientists adverse to the idea that animals have consciousness?