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In my opion,he only loss 2 in ten years,one of whichhappenedin Japan, result from ache in leg,another from lack of experience. Yodsanklai Fairtex is highly respcted by all of the people in the world now. No other man can be placed with him in this field. BAUKAW IS officially reguarded as one of the two simbolics of Thailand,but,people must learn to know the true fact in the world,which will not have any impact on his influence in his native country.

Baukaw was defeated several times by ordinary level fighters after ,everybody knows that.

On the other hand,every people in the world,espercially incredible,including his opponents, respect yodsanklai nowadays becouse of his powerful fist and reguardable feats. If you have the courage of a man ,you cannot remove this comment. Apidej Sit Hirun—-Indisputable. Samart Payakaroon The Muhammed Ali of Muay Thai —-technic legend,namely,front kick,and,he is the sign of an era,not just for muay thai.

Substantially undervalued. Ppeople do not know that he is highly valued by Chinaese people and American! He is the only figter of muay thai that enter China Palace welcomed by leaders of China,which is usually intended for diplomatic activitis,even forein superstars of basketball ,football,golf, etc,have not the honor.

Has international fame!

THE WINNERS – Johnny’s Favorite Boxing Gloves (for training and fighting)

Dignity of a nation! Coban Lookchaomaesaithong. Technically undefeated. A little better than the famous lerdsilar. Put Pad Noy. Kaensak Sor Ploenchit Yodsanklai once said that he believes MT is the most powerful martial arts in the world. I agree. Yodsanklai,cm,75kilos, is harder and more powerful than Sakmongkol,cm,75kilos. Yod is more impressive as a technic master of MT than a heavy puncher. There are too many champions to top them. All of his opponents had the experience of physically collapse due to the smash and kick by Yod, perhaps with the exception of Marat,the only one who was heavily kicked 80 times on the miserable right hand,which is the greatest battle ever happened and never will be repeated in human history.

Changpuek W. Three years later, beat Yoshihire sato,then NO. Unquestionably,Champuek must be selected for the list for his unrivaled immense power and horrifying endurence.

There is something more important than messages of Yod now,for all of the MT fighters. Sudsakorn can only escape. But he truely dare not to challenge Yod now,nobody in China dare to. How can this man do it? Cunningly he finds that MT fighters have the weakness in boxing skills, and not aware of dodging. So he mainly uses his fist in comptition. Consequently,some MT fighters can stay just 10 seconds in front of him before KO occured. Already I have angrily announced the trikies played by this fraudulous man,it is no trouble to repeat them to the respected MT fighters.

Good luck!

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Broke both arms by kick of one of the best fighters of his time,and, frogleaping m burdened by a man over 50kilos ,consectively kicking 80 times resulting in the broken of the new sand bag. Not to mention he had kick sb to death in the ring. Surely the list will be perfect by adding the nonnegligible Coban—flash style. Obvious mistakes such as endurence, four man , at that,fill,is,surport ,and so on ,suggest…. Occasionally I notice a potential MT practitoner,but he broke his arm several times after won 5 games.

He can jump and turn sideway 3 circles in the air within a second! Awfully his broken! Ruined and doom to ordinary level! Numerous native fighters engage in 57—63kilos range. There is huge competition among them. When get to 67kilos ,audience is few. But funnily internationally things go reversely.

Jomhod beat a japanese who beat Saengtinnoi. Samart play beautiful games in Siam while Baukaw do it internationally. It is improbable for Bakaw to play beautiful movements to win in Siam,considering the overwhelming Namsaknoy that frighten everybody. That is the difference.

Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters of All Time

Mate, we get it — Baukaw has all the glory and publicity and Yod gets very little compared. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Greatest Muay Thai Fighters to Ever Compete: Top 100

About The Author. Related Posts. Rodolfo on March 3, at pm. Steve on March 4, at am.

Stamp Fairtex Is A Front Runner For Muay Thai’s Next Big Female Star

Salve on February 24, at am. I think a bit of history is needed on your behalf before a list is made! How about pud pad noy woraroot aka golden leg your thoughts please Reply. Brian on March 17, at pm. Harvey on March 18, at am. I would have love to see Danny Bill, Den muangsurin, and sokmonkol, and Saengtiennoi somewhere in there also Reply. JAKE on March 21, at am.

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You totally nailed it with this site. Kudos Reply. Steve on March 27, at am. Happy to hear that. David Bryan on April 19, at am. Khaosai Galaxy …. MickeyMouse on April 22, at am. Stephen on September 9, at am. Drew on April 23, at am. What about Sakad Petchyindee? Sakmongkol better than Orono Reply. Brent on May 1, at am.

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  7. Buakaw is a kickboxing great, not Muay Thai. He belongs nowhere near a top 10 list. Brian Robertson on May 6, at pm. Pairot W.

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    7. King of the left kick! Definitely up there in the mix… Reply. Yashim on May 7, at pm.